Top 3 Business Intelligence Trends in Africa

OK, so we all know Africa is boss when it comes to using tech to its fullest potential and our bright minds are just the best. we have an infinite pool of innovative people who can make money using their own inventions and they actually uplifting their communities with it. For instance we had "MXit" … Continue reading Top 3 Business Intelligence Trends in Africa


The Original Nubian Queens

Early African Queens Amanirenas (Warrior, political skills) Shanakdakhete (Earliest known ruling African queen without a King) Amanishakheto (translated to Ruler & Queen, known is several monuments and mentioned in the Amun-temple of Kawa,) Amanitore ( Also known as Kandace & Nubia. Warrior Queen who led forces in battle) Amanishakheto Queen of choice. We are focusing … Continue reading The Original Nubian Queens